About Amaravathi nagar

Amaravathi Nagar is a small town in the foothills of Anaimalai Hills – 23 km south of Udumalpet town in Tiruppur district, Tamil Nadu. Most activities in this village revolve around the Amaravathi Dam, Sainik School and Agriculture farms. Tender coconuts from this region are good and tasty.

Amaravathi Dam is constructed across River Amaravathi. This dam was built primarily for irrigation and flood control. It is a very good place for a day visit or to plan for family picnic. It also has 4 megawatts of electrical generating capacity installed. It is notable for the significant population of mugger crocodiles living in its reservoir and catchment basin which will be pleasing for animal lovers and kids.

The beauty of this village and the road covered by greeny trees on both sides with cool breeze weather are so alluring that pleases everyone.

Amaravathi Dam

Flanked by the hill Stations

Though all life is supposed to have originated from the oceans, at least in the humans’ case, there seems to be something which pulls us to the heights of mountains. It was the British who christened many mountains as a hill-station and started treating them like retreats. Anyway, now that the British are not around, we have free access to the mountains, hill stations. And those near Amaravathi nagar are strategically placed to make use of this fact, the beautiful hill stations like Munnar, Kodaikanal, Thirumoorthy, Valparai all just a short ride away.

How to reach Amaravathi nagar

Frequent buses (once in 5mins) are available from the nearby town – Udumalpet.

Nearest Bus stand (within 100kms) : Udumalpet (23 kms), Madathukulam (33kms), Marayur (34kms), Palani(40kms), Dharapuram (59kms), Anamalai (45kms), Palladam (67kms), Pollachi (50 Km), Tiruppur (83km), Coimbatore (90 Km).

Nearest Railway Station (within 100kms) : Udumalpet (23 kms), Palani (40kms), Pollachi (50 Km), Tiruppur (83km), Coimbatore (90Km).

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