Mild Difficulty may be defined as learning problems in one area of academics, either language or Math. The problems exhibit themselves in the areas of comprehension, sequencing, auditory and visual processing at a mild level. Moderate Difficulty may be defined as learning problems in two areas of academics both in Language and Math.

SRM Sainik Academy is dedicated to enhance the quality of education for individuals with learning difficulty by providing appropriate strategies to make them independent learners. Support is also provided to help students with organization, time management and the development of appropriate study skills.

The Academy will

  • Help individuals with learning disorders to attain their fullest educational and personal potential.
  • Help students adjust and become integrated into their environment.
  • Help students develop positive and a realistic self-concept.
  • Encourage students to develop independent skills that will enable them to function normally in their everyday contexts.
  • Teach students strategies to cope with their academic and social problems (Organizational, error-analysis, memory strategies and social skills training).
  • Help students develop basic skills in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Provide individualized instruction through modification of programs and environments, working collaboratively with teachers, providing structured environment with technology use and counseling support to cope with their learning problems.