Welcome to SRM Sainik Academy (SRMSA) one of the best coaching centres for sainik schools, Rimc, and RMS entrance exams. We, at this Academy, have been blessed to inherit good infrastructure and committed staff, who are being continuously and constantly motivated and guided to be a source of knowledge and inspiration to our children. We will inherit a solid foundation to march ahead and achieve the objectives of preparing students academically, physically and mentally to enter into Sainik Schools, RIMC, RMS for a stronger and brighter India.

We provide value-driven education in which five elements – Academics, Activities, Outdoor Education, Personal & Social Education and Service are fused so that learners are equipped with the skills, ambition and compassion to impact ethically and significantly in the global context. Relatively small class sizes allow the teachers to give individual attention to the students and ample support in the evenings too.

As the children are the future, SRMSA will instill strong ethical and moral values encompassing honesty, kindness, determination, and tolerance in every pupil, creating a positive culture and promising future. They develop an attitude beyond winning.In this way, the learners are offered a holistic, experiential education that opens doors to lifelong learning.

The children will get regular feedback and guidance from their teachers and their progress is carefully monitored. The teachers provide the avenues that stretch student thinking, creating a challenge and stimulating environment that help learners grow their appreciation of and passion for academics, thereby, learners develop intellectual habits that stay with them for life. 

Our Academy takes pride in being an all-encompassing Academy and strongly adheres to its principles, wherein every pupil is equally important. Life at SRMSA will always remain in a class of its own. The rewarding exposures of students at the school are bound to instill life-long memories in their minds. A unique sense of greeny affable ambience will never go unnoticed by anyone amidst our campus. We motivate and support students to reach their goals by assuring that SRMSA is an environment with a special range of learning opportunities.

SRM Sainik Academy is maintaining following academic standards

  • Weekly Performance Test(WPT)
  • Monthly Performance Exam(MPE)
  • English Speaking and Personality Development classes
  • Regular feedback to Parents(PTM)
  • Periodic feedback and monitoring of performance