Communication is a key! 

Regular communication with your child is very valuable and important. This re-assures them and gives you regular feedback, re-assuring you, that they are in good hands. Open communication between parents and dorm parents is also vital for your child’s well being. If you have any concerns then it is important to contact the dorm parent by phone.


We have two landline phones and two mobile phones to contact. Parents are encouraged to phone once per week and should try to limit calls to about 10 minutes to enable other parents to talk to their child as well. Whilst parent communication is both valued and encouraged, calling too often can be unsettling, especially for a new boarder, and can be unfair on other parents trying to speak to their child. Parents may call their child after class ends, after dinner hours; and atleast 15 minutes before bedtime.

Students may stay out and enjoy with their parents on weekend (Sunday) per term. Parents’ are also given the opportunity to discuss their child’s academic development.