“Healthy food makes healthy mind and body”

We believe that a sound mind needs a sound body. Food is an important part of feeling comfortable away from home. We are dedicated to prepare healthy, whole some, nutritious, well-balanced meals from breakfast through dinner that meet the needs of today’s active students.


The quality of food served is monitored by the food committee and Cafeteria Head. The Food Services team comprises of experienced staff, with the expertise to prepare multi-cuisine dishes with vegetarian and non-vegetarian food being prepared in designated kitchen areas. The menu is keenly planned with both variety as well as nutritional aspects in mind. Special meals can also be provided on medical advice for students. That means using only the freshest ingredients, serving plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, offering locally available produce, and choosing healthy whole-grain products. We strongly validates that it provide a healthy fantastic cuisine which the child enjoys eating.

  • Underpinning the functioning of the food department is assured by International standards, ranging from hygiene to quality control.
  • The food department also strives to encourage produce of organic fruits and vegetables, wherever possible for school procurement.
  • Regular audits with respect to the purchase or procurement, preparation, service, water purity are periodically done to ensure health, safety and balanced and wholesome food.
  • The cafeteria menus could also be Tailor made in accordance with the desire of the students’ flavor and home town taste.
  • The Student Food Committee plays an important role in sharing the preferences of the students and their suggestions are highly valued and implemented.
  • The food department encourages input from parents (dietitians, chefs) not only addressing their concerns but also coming alongside to help them prepare special dishes for special occasions.
  • The food department strives to educate about healthy eating – whole grain, multi grain, fruit and fresh juices, low sugar beverages, pro-biotic, high protein and fiber are high on its list and our menus reflect this.

Food provided by us does not contain the following:

  • MSG (Monosodium glutamate) – which can trigger unhealthy side effects
  • Chemical preservatives
  • Artificial food coloring and flavors
  • Tinned Food items